White Plains, N.Y.-based hummus specialist Sabra has seen strong demand for its first foray into the salad kit world.

Sabra introduced the two new kits, Mediterranean hummus and avocado ranch, at the end of 2021. The kits debuted at Giant Eagle and in other Midwest and Mid-Atlantic retailers.

The kits are the fruit of a collaboration between Sabra and vertical farming startup Fifth Season. The Mediterranean hummus salad kit combines greens, hummus, red quinoa, bagel chips and a basil and lemon dressing. The avocado ranch salad kit has greens, guacamole, red quinoa, bagel chips and ranch dressing.

“Consumers are looking to freshly-prepared meals to address inconsistent schedules and are seeking simple ingredients, both of which the Fifth Season salad kits satisfy,” said Kamila De Maria, Sabra’s director of brand marketing. “Being a part of ready-to-eat salad kits allows us to capture those who value variety and excitement in the on the go pre-packaged options. It also provides an opportunity to entice and inspire people to try other hummus and guacamole varieties Sabra has to offer.”

The collaboration has been so successful, Sabra and Fifth Season have added a third kit to the line, Taco Crunch, which features crisp baby romaine tossed with crunchy tortilla strips, Monterey Jack, a tangy salsa dressing, and creamy Sabra guac. 

“We’ve already had strong retailer feedback about Taco Crunch, and we expect to see it perform well considering Avocado Ranch — another SKU that we collaborated on with Sabra — is our top-selling flavor out of our lineup of seven,” said Varun Khanna, Fifth Season’s vice president of food products.

In addition to its three kits with Sabra, Fifth Season’s lineup includes four other kits: Crunchy Sesame, Spicy Southwest, Sweet Grains and Toasted Tuscan. 

“We are very happy to be expanding this collaboration,” De Maria said. “We have gained incremental points of interruption in the produce section of the store and provided interesting and delicious ways consumer can snack Sabra every day.” 

Fifth Season uses an automated growing, harvesting and packing process that requires up to 95% less water and 97% less land than conventional farming, according to the company.