ARLINGTON, VA. — In its inaugural Power of In-Store Bakery 2022 report, FMI – The Food Industry Association found that 95% of all shoppers eat in-store bakery items occasionally and 63% of consumers eat bakery products weekly.

FMI recommends retailers focus on freshness, indulgence and impulse to drive sales even further.

Many consumers reported that indulgent choices in the in-store bakery are impulse purchases. These indulgent items include donuts, cookies, snacks, coffee cakes, single-serve desserts and cupcakes. Shoppers said that sales and promotions for these products influence their impulse purchases.

Consumers are also paying attention to the date code labels on packaging and prioritizing freshness.

“Our first-ever exploration on consumer perceptions of in-store bakery reveal several opportunities to enhance grocers’ strategies,” said Rick Stein, FMI’s vice president of fresh foods. “Expand customer loyalty by enticing shoppers with freshness and assortment; incorporate and communicate quality ingredients; and lead with transparency on ingredient and nutrition callouts, even for those indulgent items.”