WASHINGTON — On Dec. 5, the Organic Trade Association (OTA) announced that the US Department of Agriculture’s Market Access Program (MAP) granted the association a record level of funding.

The award, totaling over $1 million — an almost 10% increase from 2022 levels — was given to OTA to promote organic US products globally.

“The Organic Trade Association is proud to have been an official cooperator in USDA’s Market Access Program for more than 20 years, leading to huge wins for the organic industry,” said Sarah Gorman, international trade manager for OTA. “Our market promotion efforts have created opportunities that have generated millions of dollars in new sales and expanded global market access for our participating businesses, establishing new organic customers around the world.”

OTA said global demand for organic US-produced products “has never been greater.” The group added that US organic exports almost doubled between 2011 and 2021. Currently, Canada and Mexico are the United States’ largest export partners, with Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the European Union and United Arab Emirates all making the top 10 list for US organic exports.

To showcase organic US products globally, OTA has planned at least 10 international activities in the coming year. Some of the events include:

  • BIOFACH – an organic trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany, on February 14-19.
  • FOOD & HOTEL Asia – international food and hospitality event held in Singapore on April 25-28.
  • Expo West, Expo East and Organic Produce Summit buyers’ missions – opportunities for international buyers of organic goods to connect with US organic suppliers in one-on-one meetings, taking place in early spring and fall at the Natural Products Expos on the West and East coasts and the Organic Produce Summit.

“Our nation’s organic farmers benefit from global trade,” said Tom Chapman, chief executive officer of OTA. “Connecting organic producers and businesses with developing and often untapped organic markets and educating consumers everywhere about the benefits of US organic help keep organic profitable and sustainable.”