When Bakery de France is creating all-natural, long fermentation breads, the process is “truly everything,” said Alexander Salameh, the company’s COO.

“We are constantly reviewing our methods, and finding ways to be gentler with the dough, to allow fermentation to occur naturally, and to foster the best environment we can to remain as authentic and natural as possible. We feel a strong need to put our processes and beliefs into question often, as this drives innovation.”

This is especially important in today's environment, Salameh said, as inflation, sustainability, and labor continue to be industry wide challenges.

“We work diligently with our partners to facilitate programs that do not sacrifice quality and consistency, but allow for a smooth supply chain in these turbulent times.”

As a family owned and operated company, Salameh said Bakery de France has the agility to develop all natural artisan bread programs that fit in an ever-changing environment.

Through the company’s continued focus on product quality, its partners can rely on Bakery de France to create programs that they can take ownership of and be proud to drive them to be market leaders, he said.