With the current inflationary pressures, more families are opting to prepare meals at home, including sandwiches, said Sonia Bal, director of global marketing for Delta, BC-based Unifiller.

Adding to that demand, as part of the American Rescue Plan, more children will be eligible for free school lunches - the ultimate goal of the plan being to achieve universal free school lunches for 9 million more school-aged children in America's public schools by the year 2032, also driving sandwich growth.

Unifiller believes it’s well-positioned to combat rising ingredient costs and reduce food waste by utilizing tactics and automation that achieve accurate portioning of both sandwich condiments and fillings, Bal said.

Servo-based Pro Series depositors from Unifiller — perfect for commissaries supplying sandwiches to supermarkets — aren’t affected by fluctuating air pressure from the compressed air system, thus providing the most consistent and repeatable depositing solutions.

In addition to recipe storage and higher output, servo-driven machines integrate various processes and systems, she added. The advantage of software-based system integration is that site operators can access and manage the whole line at the touch of a button and standardize processes.

New from Unifiller is an automated flocking and spraying system, the UniSprayer, spotlighted at both the IDDBA and IBIE shows this year. Designed to function as a standalone machine, the Uni-Sprayer features a 5-gallon pressurized tank, mobile frame with enclosed pneumatics and a food-grade flexible braided hose for easy spraying and flocking.

It can handle a variety of applications including flocking condiments like ketchup, mustard, or mayo onto bread, wraps and more. The system’s optional flocker nozzle allows it to handle particulates up to 1 mm in size, and it fits both manual and semi-automated production settings.

While it was not designed to be integrated into large production lines, the UniSprayer can be easily customized to integrate with small, semi-automated production lines.

Other features include:

  • Interchangeable tips for different products and patterns
  • Air filtration system
  • Use with or without atomizing air