SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CALIF. and MEXICO CITY – Food tech company SAVRpak has begun working with Jüsto, the first online grocer in Mexico, to extend the shelf life of berries in plastic clamshell containers.

According to SAVRpak, the top cause of mold and spoilage is condensation in packaging.

SAVRpak’s solution is a plant-based thermodynamic patch made with FDA-approved food safe materials that uses the company’s Atmospheric Control and Transmission (ACT) technology to absorb the moisture in the package and reduce condensation by 50%.

“We’re excited to announce that Jüsto is our first retail partner to integrate SAVRpak into its food packaging to ensure shoppers have more time to enjoy delicious produce like berries that too often spoil before eaten,” said Grant Stafford, co-CEO of SAVRpak. “Jüsto is truly an innovator for not only being the first online supermarket in Mexico, but for implementing new solutions like SAVRpak that promise to help alleviate the food waste crisis.”

According to the company, SAVRpak has been proven to increase the shelf life of raspberries by at least four to five days and increase the shelf life of strawberries by four days or more as well.

“At Jüsto, we not only promise to deliver the highest quality produce we can source, but we also want our shoppers to know that we are committed to deliver items in the most sustainable way possible,” said Ricardo Weder, CEO of Jüsto. “With the integration of SAVRpak’s technology, our base of sustainably-minded shoppers will feel good knowing that the produce they’re buying will have a positive impact on the environment. They’ll have a longer window of time to enjoy our berries – ultimately reducing food waste at home.”