Oceanside, Calif.-based Olli Salumeria has been busy responding to consumer demand for snacks and convenience.

“We continually focus on developing new products and varieties that make it easier for US consumers to enjoy the flavors of authentic Italian salami,” said Oliviero Colmignoli, president and founder.

Which products are you currently promoting?

Colmignol: Olli Snack Packs pair our famous slow-cured Italian-style salami with high-quality cheeses and artisanal crackers in a convenient 2-ounce package. These products offer an authentic charcuterie experience on-the-go and deliver over 12 grams of protein for a satiating snack.

Recently, we added new varieties to our line of Olli Snack Packs, including Olli Pepperoni & Mozzarella Snack Pack. This pairing of American-style Pepperoni, fine Mozzarella cheese and artisanal crackers offers a convenient high-protein snacking option.

This fall, we introduced our Olli Salamini line of bite-sized salami chubs, available in four unique flavor varieties including Classic, Bourbon, Smoked and Pequin. Each 2.6-ounce package contains six individual mini salami sticks, offering a full-flavored alternative to jerky and other convenient meat snacks.

In addition to the four varieties of Olli Salamini chubs, we recently introduced Olli Salamini and Curds Snacks, a combination of classic mini salami sticks and cheddar cheese curds in a convenient two-compartment tray.

We’re continuing to innovate with new products that capitalize on the growing charcuterie trend, with new additions to our line of Olli Antipasto Trays. These include five varieties of ready-to-serve trays, featuring 12 ounces of charcuterie salami, cheeses and olives or other vegetables packaged for easy entertaining. The latest in this line is Olli Antipasto Tray with Cornichons & Onions, which pairs these pickled favorites with hard and Italian dry salami and cheddar cheese curds.

Since sliced salami is the foundation of any great charcuterie board, we also promote our line of Olli Pre-Sliced Salami, which offers eight varieties of authentic Italian-style salami, including Genoa, Sopressata, Napoli, Toscano, Italian Dry, Hard, Calabrese and Pepperoni.