LEAMINGTON, ONT. — With less than a week until Thanksgiving, Pure Flavor is at the peak of its family-focused promotional campaign called ‘Eat Well Together to Be Well Together.'

The month-long campaign began after the International Fresh Produce Association’s Global Produce & Floral Show at the end of October in Orlando, Fla.

The focus of the Thanksgiving campaign is bringing family together with healthy meals made with fresh produce to find balance through a more indulgent season.

“Thanksgiving is an important family holiday that our retail partners embrace,” said Matt Mastronardi, Pure Flavor’s executive vice president. “They are focused on stocking their shelves with trusted products that customers can rely on. Pure Flavor greenhouse-grown fruits and vegetables provide the assortment, quality and flavor, regardless of the season.”

Pure Flavor created a page on its website for the consumer campaign that includes recipes, giveaways, blog posts on holiday entertaining, a guide for tailgating and football and suggested Thanksgiving activities.

“Food trends are at an all-time high, and consumers are constantly in search of new recipe ideas,” said Devon Kennedy, Pure Flavor’s brand manager. “Our goal is to drive fresh produce consumption with relevant and engaging digital content with a lifestyle focus on physical and mental health and coming together with loved ones to fuel healthy lives. We feel ‘Eat Well Together to Be Well Together’ is the magic that sums this up.”

people passing Thanksgiving dishes across a tableImage courtesy of Pure Flavor