ALEXANDRIA, VA. — Family-owned Gunnoe’s Sausage Co., based in Cifax, Va., announced that Logan’s Sausage Co. will take over all its production and distribution.

The Gunnoe and Logan families have been working together the past year and will continue to work together to ensure a smooth transition. Products from Gunnoe’s will continue to be sold in the same local retail locations and the sausages will continue to be produced in Virginia, as Logan’s Sausage is based in Alexandria, Va.

"As long-time admirers of the Gunnoe's Sausage brand, we do not take lightly the responsibility to continue the long-lasting tradition of family business and attention to quality,” said Kevin Logan, vice president at Logan's Sausage Co. “In fact, after getting to know the Gunnoe family over the past year, we not only discovered how much we have in common, but also found that we share the same recipe for success - always stay close to the customer.”

"In looking long and hard at the future of Gunnoe's Sausage, we realized it would be difficult to transition the business to the next generation," said Cynthia Gunnoe, vice president at Gunnoe's Sausage. "When we met with Logan's Sausage Co., we knew we had a wonderful and rare opportunity for Gunnoe's Sausage to continue on as a small, family-owned and operated business and a Virginia-made product. We are excited that they will continue the legacy of Gunnoe's Sausage and the same great products that families trust when they gather around the table."

Since 1965, Gunnoe’s Sausage has been bringing its premium sausage products — including its popular mild, hot and sage rolls — to customers in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast region.