Breville® | PolyScience® announces the release of the Control °Freak™, the world's first controlled induction cooking system to accurately measure, set and hold every cooking temperature from 86-482°F.

In head-to-head tests conducted by Breville PolyScience, the Control °Freak consistently demonstrated that it is the most accurate commercial induction machine, offering chefs, caterers and other food service industry professionals unprecedented temperature control.

In addition to a through-the-glass pan temperature sensor, the Control °Freak features a temperature probe (with a pot clip) that communicates and controls the precise temperature of water and fat-based liquids, allowing for applications such as tempering chocolate or cheesemaking, which require high accuracy.

The Control °Freak, which can be used with any induction compatible pot or pan (e.g. stainless steel, cast-iron) can also be controlled by "Intensity" to speed up or slow down how quickly a requested temperature is reached; hold a temperature indefinitely (72 hours with a timer), automatically "Keep Warm" (140°F) and "Stop Cooking." The machine can also record recipe temperature programs for future use, information that can be shared with other Control °Freaks thanks to a custom USB port and stick. 

PolyScience's Culinary division, which is renowned for its temperature control technology, including commercial sous vide immersion circulators revered by chefs, was acquired by Breville in 2014.  PolyScience President Philip Preston notes, "We were thrilled to combine our expertise in temperature control with Breville's to create this revolutionary new product that will transform how professional chefs work. This machine's accuracy and features significantly raise the bar for induction cooking temperature control."

The Control °Freak™, which will retail for $1,799 and have a two-year limited product warranty, will go on sale at in March 2016. The machine's features include the following:

A spring-loaded pan temperature sensor button that resides above the machine's glass base not below it (which can cause inaccuracy and delays in temperature reading) and can hold a pan at 397 different degrees (from 86°F to 482°F), within plus or minus 1°F of stability with Probe Control™; the sensor communicates when a pan has been lifted or put down and reactivates automatically without needing to be reset

Revolutionary Probe Control™ (with pot clip) that communicates and controls the precise temperature of both water and fat-based liquids

"Intensity" function that allows the user to quickly and precisely speed-up or slow down the heat-up speed

Custom USB port and stick that allows for the sharing of recipe temperature programming instructions between Control °Freak machines

Dual fan system that efficiently and effectively cools all the machines internal components, extending the life of the Control °Freak and eliminating overheating (most competitors' models have only one fan)

Convenient accessory bag for easy transport