Sigma Foodservice US, based in Phoenix, is hosting a second iteration of its Fiorucci brand’s ‘Savor Every Minute’ marketing campaign targeted at consumers.

In this campaign’s first year, Sigma invited customers to explore a trolley with luxurious Italian decorations and elaborate charcuterie boards to show how Fiorucci products can be used to heighten their at-home dining experiences.

Stephen Docherty, marketing analyst at Sigma, shared the results of last year’s campaign and how retailers can use instore displays to also encourage consumers to ‘Savor Every Minute.’

How did the first iteration of this campaign impact Fiorucci’s retail sales?

When we ran Fiorucci’s first advertising campaign in the U.S. last year, we saw tremendous results. We had larger than expected lift in our targeted audience and higher sales in both volume and dollars for our core, pre-sliced products, Paninos and even our newer, innovative products. Generally, the media spend impacted our business across the board. For the 2022 holiday season, we feel we have a stronger campaign, media plan and targeted efforts within retailers, so we are hoping for even stronger results for the Fiorucci brand in 2022 and 2023.

Which products are being promoted the most in this campaign?

For the Fiorucci ‘Savor Every Minute’ campaign, we hope to raise the awareness and perception of our authentic, Italian brand with consumers in key regions throughout the United States. We plan to promote our brand and our full portfolio of products, including a variety of pre-sliced Italian deli meat and nationally distributed line of Panino products. No matter which Fiorucci product a retailer is carrying, consumers will be encouraged to add our products to their shopping carts, and just like the name of the campaign says, savor every minute of their moments with one another.

What other kind of holiday foods are best paired with these products?

For retailers preparing their deli sections during the holiday season, considering product pairings and setting up cross-promotion opportunities is a great way to generate lifted volume and dollar sales. For example, an elegant charcuterie display with a variety of Italian meats should also contain a variety of hard and soft cheese, crunchy accompaniments like crackers and gherkins, festive fruits like cranberries and of course, a few bottles of wine. Consumers would often have to shop various aisles for all of these items and may forget to add something to their cart. By building an elegant display in one part of the deli section, it maximizes the retailer’s space and allows consumers a convenient way to shop for everything they need.  

What flavor profiles are consumers wanting more of this holiday season?

From our perspective, there is always room for new, exciting flavors in the marketplace. Consumers love to try new things and explore flavor profiles from around the world. At Fiorucci, we generally promote flavor profiles, like sweet and savory. Savory hard salami Paninos and sliced genoa salami can pair very nicely with raspberries and cranberries, or dark chocolate with almonds, providing a great balance of sweetness to savory meat and cheese.