WIRRAL, ENGLAND – To optimize its operational efficiency in the United Kingdom, Pilgrim’s UK invested £800,000 ($780,000) to expand two lines at its pork processing plant in Bromborough, which are now operational. The company, which is a subsidiary of Pilgrim’s Pride Corp, Greeley, Colo., said the innovations at the plant will increase production by 10% per week, including additional throughput of its pork kebabs, steaks, boneless legs and shoulder joints.

Part of the renovation included the addition of technology to facilitate seasoning products simultaneously on the top and bottom, which was successfully utilized at the plant this past summer as demand for barbecue products such as kebabs and steaks has increased.

As the holiday season approaches, officials at the plant anticipate demand to double at the plant.

“This latest investment is part of our ongoing strategic focus on increasing operational efficiency across our UK business and innovating to deliver the most exciting new products for our customers” said Julian Weeks, site director at Pilgrim’s UK.

“Our Bromborough factory plays a vital role in the Pilgrim’s UK network, and by continuing to invest in market-leading equipment like this, and in our over 350 strong team of dedicated people, we are ensuring that the site will continue to prosper,” Weeks said.