Supercharge your sales by playing up sweet potatoes’ big health benefits, which include:

  • Over four times the recommended daily amount of Vitamin A, which comes from the beta-carotene in the sweet potato and plays a vital role in vision, bone development and immune function.
  • Provides 37% of your daily value of Vitamin C, (good source) which helps fight infections, heal wounds and absorb iron.
  • Contains 15 IU of Vitamin E, which is the daily recommended dietary allowance.
  • Contains 4 grams of fiber, often more than a packet of oatmeal.
  • Good source of manganese, which helps maintain normal blood sugar levels and optimal thyroid function.
  • Low in sodium, containing only 40 mg.
  • Low in calories: a medium sweet potato contains approximately 100 calories
  • Ideal for diabetics: even though they are called “sweet” potatoes, diabetics can enjoy them too. One medium cooked sweet potato, without skin, has a GI ranging from 63 to 66 and is considered a medium glycemic food.

(Source: American Sweet Potato Marketing Institute)