Though charcuterie is no longer a new food trend, deli industry leaders have seen consumers are still flocking to it and looking for more creative ways to serve and enjoy deli meats.

“We anticipate the category will continue to grow with the increase in food board trendiness and as more and more people experiment with pairings and enjoy the versatility of the product,” Whitney Atkins, the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association’s global marketing director and vice president, said. “Charcuterie is a great option whether enjoying a quiet night at home or an evening of entertainment with friends and family; it is suited to any occasion.”

Supermarket deli managers have been creating displays with product groupings that make sense for at-home entertainment boards, and deli meat suppliers have begun crafting their own charcuterie-specific products to make the trend more convenient and accessible for all types of shoppers.

Consumer behavior in the current economy

As shifts in the economy alter consumers’ shopping habits, supermarket perimeter departments should prepare for what that means for them, said Deanna Depke, marketing manager of Volpi Foods.

“Our insights indicate that due to the current economic environment, shoppers will reduce their consumption of away-from-home foods to curb spending, which will lead to enhanced demand for prepared foods at grocery stores that hold a larger value statement for shoppers,” Depke said. “Likewise, shoppers will begin trading down to store brands on dry good items but selectively maintain spending within deli and fresh departments. Retailers should build their sets accordingly to satisfy consumer demand and capture full revenue potential.”

Volpi’s pairing recommendations for pre-sliced meats

  • Traditional Peppered Salame: Buffalo mozzarella crostini, tomato basil and Chianti wine
  • Genoa Salami: Fontina cheese, roasted peppers, toasted bread and prosecco
  • Traditional Prosciutto: Mozzarella, melon and beer
  • Heritage Prosciutto: Fresh melon, farmer’s cheese, honey and prosecco
  • Jamon Serrano: Manchego cheese, Marcona almonds and Cava wine
  • Traditional Coppa: Grilled vegetables, toasted bread, mustard and red wine
  • Traditional Sopressata: Aged cheddar, coarse ground mustard, toasted bread and Chardonnay
  • Traditional Chorizo: Aged Manchego, olives, fruit preserves and Rioja wine
  • Traditional Bresaola: Shaved parmigiano cheese, arugula and olive oil