NEWARK, DEL. — Fresh produce grower, marketer and distributor Oppy is set to deliver 6.2 million packages of Brazilian Cotton Candy grapes by the end of 2022, a new record for the company. Oppy plans to continue to increase volume throughout the next few years. 

Oppy’s Cotton Candy Grapes have a sweet, slightly vanilla flavor and are Rainforest Alliance Certified, exemplifying a commitment to sustainable farming, according to the company. 

“As Cotton Candy grape dollar sales have increased 205% since 2019, we are really excited to offer more of this very popular variety, in addition to the benefits it has for people and the planet,” said category manager of grapes and senior sales representative Tony Illiano. “With continued success of strong consumer demand, we look forward to further increasing volumes next season.” 

Available now through January, the grapes are packaged with a new label that features cotton candy images in eye-catching shades of pink and blue. Package options are 1-pound clamshells and graphic-heavy pouch bags. 

“With our expertise delivering consistent, high-quality eating experiences, Oppy assures top-notch fruit with programs, packaging options and flavors to drive your grape category forward,” Illiano said.