WICHITA, KAN.  In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Cargill’s Rumba Meats brand is donating $50,000 to the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute (USHLI) for a fourth year, bringing the total amount of support over time to more than $200,000. 

The donations go toward scholarships and opportunities for Hispanic youth who are emerging leaders. 

This year, Rumba Meats will provide 25 high school seniors with $1,000 scholarships for post-secondary education through USHLI’s Student Leadership Series program. As of this year, 908,104 students from 39 different states have participated in this program. 

"At Rumba Meats, our priority remains helping the Hispanic community celebrate and preserve their heritage through food, including empowering today's youth to become tomorrow's leaders at home, work, and in their communities," said Tammy Gonzales, Cargill's Rumba Meats marketing manager. "We are excited to see the endless positive contributions these future leaders will have on our society." 

"Through scholarships and efforts such as these, our Hispanic youth can turn a pursuit of higher education into a reality," said Dr. Juan Andrade, Jr., president and co-founder of the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute. "The impact Rumba Meats has had on our students and beyond over the past several years has been tremendous. When students are given the tools and support to succeed, they are afforded the confidence to apply themselves to make their futures better, as well as the next generation's." 

"I can proudly say that my Hispanic culture and community is just about anywhere and sharing in similar experiences despite our varying backgrounds makes me proud," said María Emilia Mancero, a 2022 scholarship recipient. "Our voices are our strongest tool – we use them in politics, music, and education to uplift one another and tell stories, and I want to continue using my voice which Rumba Meats is allowing me to do with this incredible opportunity." 

Applications for the Rumba Meats Scholarship are open now through Nov. 30. High school seniors can find more information and apply on the USHLI website.