CARLSTADT, NJ. – Schweid & Sons is showing off transferable skills by applying the company’s expertise in premium quality beef to the sausage category. The company announced the launch of fresh, pork breakfast sausages in Original, Italian and Apple flavors. The sausages are available in select markets throughout the northeastern United States with wider distribution expected throughout the third and fourth quarters of fiscal 2022. The breakfast sausage patties will be marketed in the fresh meat aisle.

Each product features a unique seasoning profile. The Original patties contain a savory blend of spices including fennel, parsley, garlic and onion; the Italian variety features fennel, rosemary and sage; and Apple is a blend of savory and sweet with real pieces of apple finished with a touch of cinnamon.

“After more than a century in business, the launch of Schweid & Sons pork sausage breakfast patties marks our first entry into a new market segment, and into an entirely new eating occasion,” said Jamie Schweid, president and chief executive officer of Schweid & Sons. “American consumers have become more discerning, with a desire to know how and where their food is sourced and above all, demanding great taste. Our breakfast sausage is crafted from premium cuts of pork that include the butt, shoulder and loin. We then combine those flavorful cuts with only the highest quality spices and other ingredients to deliver a superior final product. As a result, consumers will taste the difference from the very first bite.”

The pork is sourced from humanely raised US pigs and contains no antibiotics or growth-promoting hormones, the company said. Schweid & Sons sausage patties are made without fillers, nitrates, nitrites, or artificial flavors or colors. Each package contains eight patties and has a suggested retail price of $6.49.

“My family’s commitment has always been to make the very best,” Schweid said. “The creation of a fresh, premium, flavorful breakfast sausage honors our focus on fresh proteins while allowing us to expand into a new category. With our heritage as meat purveyors known for uncompromising quality standards, and with a long-standing network of proprietary sources, we knew there was no one better suited to meet the market’s demand. Our ultimate goal: to have the Schweid name not only be synonymous with ‘The Very Best Burger’ but also with ‘The Very Best Breakfast Sausage.’”