LEAMINGTON, ONT. – Greenhouse vegetable grower Pure Flavor has partnered with the FMI Foundation for the National Family Meals Month campaign.

“National Family Meals Month is an industry-wide movement to raise awareness of the benefits of frequent family meals,” said Tracy Shaw, digital marketing manager for Healthy Family Project. “I will tell you that one of my favorite benefits is the memories we make when we are all in the kitchen together. More conversations are had, more smiles are made, and you tend to make healthier meal options. We are beyond excited to share in this movement that is promoted by the Food Marketing Institute along with Pure Flavor.”

Through Sept. 30, Pure Flavor is holding weekly contests and promoting blog posts, recipes, surveys and social media posts for the campaign on its website.

“According to FMI, people who eat more meals together eat more fruits and vegetables,” said Chris Veillon, Pure Flavor’s chief marketing officer. “As a lifestyle focused brand, we are always encouraging the consumption of greenhouse grown produce at every snack and meal as part of a healthy lifestyle for your family.”

“This month has been a lot of fun as we have shared family meal prep ideas, time saving tips, kids resources, awesome giveaways, and will have collected nearly 10,000 consumer survey responses by the end of the month,” Veillon said. “We are well on our way to our goal. National Family Meals Month is a fantastic family meals movement to be partnering with.”