The National Honey Board is celebrating National Honey Month this September with its “Honey Saves Hives” educational program aimed to bring awareness to the importance of honey bees and their crucial role in our ecosystem and global food supply.

In addition to producing an all-natural sweetener, honey bees are also responsible for one-third of the foods we eat, pollinating more than 90 crops, including foods like fruits, nuts, vegetables and seeds. As part of its Honey Saves Hives program, the National Honey Board is partnering with a variety of food and beverage brands that are dedicated to protecting honey bees and educating consumers on the ways to help the honey bee population and the broader ecosystem.

Partners including Justin’s, Mary’s Gone Crackers, TEAKOE, This Saves Lives, Sprecher Brewery and Tillamook Country Smoker will be actively sharing educational tips to help honey bees on their various channels. Consumers are encouraged to participate by purchasing honey and made-with-honey products from these partners at retail stores nationwide to make a positive impact.

“The National Honey Board is proud of our ongoing commitment to bee health research,” says Margaret Lombard, chief executive officer, National Honey Board. “Along with our partner, Project Apis m., we have donated more than 4 million dollars to honey bee research to help ensure the future health and wellbeing of honey bees.”