Sandpoint, Idaho-based refrigerated dressing and dip specialist Litehouse Inc. recently launched two new valued size refrigerated salad dressings – 20 oz. Litehouse Caesar and 20 oz. Litehouse Garlic Ranch.   

“Litehouse Garlic Ranch Dressing & Dip is a new crave-worthy flavor that we’re excited to add to our growing line of 20 oz. dressings,” said Heidi Wieber, Litehouse brand manager at Litehouse. “The new Garlic Ranch Dressing & Dip is delicious on salads, wraps, sandwiches, burgers, as a dip for chips, veggies, with wings and more.”

Litehouse also has high expectations for the 20 oz. Caesar.  According to insights, Caesar is one of the fastest growing salad dressing flavors, driving growth in refrigerated salad dressing category by 7.3%.

As one of Litehouse’s top selling 13 oz. dressings, adding Caesar to its lineup of convenient 20 oz. squeeze bottles was a no brainer, Wieber said.

“Litehouse Caesar Dressing & Dip contains the perfect blend of garlic, parmesan and just the right touch of anchovy to add robust flavor to any recipe.”

Litehouse has seen increased desire for larger-sized dressing bottles, which is why the company extended its 20 oz. line with the two new flavors. Research shows that consumers love the convenience of larger sharable dressings and dips for the whole family, Wieber said, with nearly half of consumers saying they will consider buying larger size salad dressing when it’s a flavor they like and use regularly.

And when it comes to flavors, consumers want versatility, so flavors like Caesar and ranch that can be used in an array of dishes are popular, she added.

“Ranch has been a beloved flavor that continues to trend upwards, especially when it comes to flavored ranches, like garlic and jalapeno. In fact, Litehouse’s 20 oz. Jalapeno Ranch Dressing and Dip is doing extremely well, with sales up 79% year-over-year. We look forward to continuing momentum with the introduction of Garlic Ranch.”

Demand for refrigerated salad dressings (RSD) in general is strong, Wieber said.

Litehouse is no. 1 in the RSD category, growing year-over-year and outpacing the category as a whole. Litehouse is also the no. 1 in value RSD, with value as a category driving over 18% of RSD business.

“By launching our new 20 oz. Garlic Ranch and Caesar Dressings & Dips, we’re continuing to drive the category with innovative flavors and formats that align with consumer trends.”

The announcement comes on the heels of another recent product launch from Litehouse: a new line of thick and creamy Litehouse Dips & Spreads which complements the brand's breadth of product offerings. The new dip and spreads line features bold flavors for every dip-worthy occasion and brings the delicious taste of Litehouse dressings to the dip and spread category.

The new dips and spreads are an evolution of Litehouse's popular 15 oz. Veggie Dips which historically were a leader in the creamy veggie dips category. Developed to satisfy consumers' evolving palettes, the new dips and spreads feature cleaner ingredient labels, bolder flavors, and better taste. Additionally, the packaging has been refreshed with new 12 oz. tubs featuring vibrant visuals that pop on-shelf and demonstrate product versatility.

Litehouse Dips & Spreads are available in five delicious new flavors:

  • Homestyle Ranch is the perfect blend of sour cream, buttermilk, garlic, and onion, giving this ranch dip a classic taste that pairs well with veggies and chips.
  • Avocado Ranch combines real avocado, sour cream, lime juice, spices, and a kick of jalapeno that's delicious with chips and veggies or spread over a BLT.
  • Southwest Ranch blends buttermilk, jalapenos, and a dash of chipotle, resulting in robust flavor that will add a zesty twist to any dish.
  • Dilly Dip is a bright and flavorful mix of dill, sour cream, and spices that pairs perfectly with veggies and pita or spread on salmon.
  • Spinach Parmesan is a rich and creamy dip that combines spinach with savory parmesan cheese. This dip is a delightful complement to pretzels, bread, and crackers.

Litehouse Dips & Spreads are available in the refrigerated produce department at grocery retailers nationwide, including Kroger and Walmart, and have an SRP of $3.99.

Extending the line with yogurt-based

Miami-based Brand Institute and Litehouse have partnered on Litehouse’s new Purely Balanced line of Greek yogurt-based refrigerated salad dressings.  

The thick and creamy dressings are only 45 calories per serving and have 0 grams of added sugar, “an ideal choice for consumers trying to meet specific dietary needs without compromising on taste and quality,” according to Brand Institute.

The dressings have no high fructose corn syrup or artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners.   They come in a convenient, 9 oz. plastic squeeze bottle and are available in five thick and creamy, Greek yogurt-based flavors.