Vancouver, B.C.-based Oppy’s back-to-school campaign for 2022 featuring its Ocean Spray branded products, “A new school way to enjoy Ocean Spray,” features a roster full of delicious and convenient products including branded berries — strawberries, blueberries and blackberries — grapes and citrus, said Audrey Desnoyers, the company’s director of business development and key account management.

“These lunchbox favorites are sure to pass the consumer test as they boast a label that has earned an A++ for more than 90 years,” Desnoyers said.

The success of its Ocean Spray line has made Oppy retool its back-to-school strategy.

“Our back-to-school focus has changed with the explosive growth of the Ocean Spray brand,” she said. “It’s a great time of year because we have an excellent family of products to offer, all in the brand that bolsters a best in class 96% brand awareness.”

Oppy is also targeting its Zespri SunGold kiwifruit for back-to-school promotions. Given a strong start to the summer deal, the company is optimistic heading into back-to-school, Desnoyers said.

Import apples will also be a strongly promotable back-to-school item this year, she added. Oppy varieties shipping late this summer include Envy, JAZZ, Pacific Rose, Smitten, Ambrosia, fuji and others. 

“There are lots of fun marketing campaigns happening this back-to-school season which include POS, digital ads, nationwide display contests and more,” Desnoyers said. “We’re well positioned to support retailers with products that are perfect for building healthy lunches and snacks for all ages. Not only are we able to serve as a customer’s one-stop-shop for their back-to-school produce needs, but we are also able to work closely with them to curate their own promotional assortments.”

Back-to-school has “absolutely” become a more important part of Oppy’s marketing program, Desnoyers said. Parents are looking to make lunches healthier for their kids (and themselves), she said, and delicious produce items have become a bigger part of families’ back-to-school nutritional plans.