Despite inflationary pressures on all foods, continuing high demand for convenience is driving big sales of value-added produce products, which typically yield higher margins for commissaries and retailers.

Coral Gables, Fla.-based Fresh Del Monte has an extensive range of value-added, fresh-cut fruits and vegetables year-round, cut locally for peak freshness and maximum shelf life, said Kirk Teske, the company’s vice president, product management and sales, fresh-cut.

“Through vertical integration and GAP-certified growers/vendors, our fresh-cut fruits and vegetables are available in a variety of packaging options, are prepared to meet and exceed international food safety standards and arrive ready-to-eat,” Teske said.

Top value-added products from Fresh Del Monte include Gold Extra Sweet pineapples, melons, grapes, citrus, apples, mangoes and kiwis.

Teske also points out that Fresh Del Monte is also the first global marketer of fruits and vegetables to commit to the Science Based Targets initiative, further positioning the brand as a pioneer within the produce industry — another example of “value-add” that more and more retailers, commissaries and others along the supply chain are looking for.

The expansion of Fresh Del Monte’s fresh-cut fruit offerings has allowed the company to continue growing its fresh-cut fruit and organic fresh-cut fruit businesses both in the United States and Canada, while allowing it to diversify its mix of produce and introduce unique SKUs.

For more than 20 years, Fresh Del Monte has offered conventional fresh-cut fruit processing nationwide. Over the past few years, the company has tracked the rising popularity and demand for organic produce, which it has responded to with the expansion of its fresh-cut fruit production.

“Fresh Del Monte always strives to grow its business and elevate its existing operations to unprecedented new heights,” Teske said. “Continuing to meet consumers’ desires and needs, the brand ensures its fresh-cut and organic fresh-cut produce have consistent quality, freshness and reliability.”