IRVINE, CALIF. – The California Avocado Commission (CAC) has found success connecting with consumers through social media platforms no matter the season.

The CAC reports that social media is a great tool to build anticipation for the avocado season among consumers when California avocados are not yet available. Once the California avocado season is in full swing, social media becomes a great place for the CAC to boost retailers’ marketing campaigns. Finally, after the season ends is the best time to continue to build brand awareness.

“Social media is a vital part of the Commission’s marketing plan,” said Jan DeLyser, the CAC’s vice president of marketing. “It’s an effective way to reach targeted consumers on the various platforms they prefer, emerging the brand in cultural moments and building demand and loyalty.”

From Nov. 1, 2021, to July 18, 2022, the CAC’s social media pages amassed more than 13.5 million impressions. The CAC has also partnered with popular TikTok influencers to create content, and the posts shared by those partners up to July 18 reached an additional 14.7 million impressions.

How the Commission has utilized TikTik:

  • The CAC launched its TikTok account April 6, 2022.
  • The CAC created a three-part comedic ‘Avo-Zen’ video series of an avocado meditating in California.
  • The CAC partnered with TikTok influencer Kelz.
    • Kelz has 5.8 million followers and makes content reviewing recipes with funny reactions.
    • Kelz made a duet of the CAC’s ‘Redwoods’ video showing an avocado recipe being prepared in a California state forest.
    • Kelz’s duet of the post gained 112,000 views and 13,500 engagements as of July 18.
  • The CAC partnered with TikTok influencers Owen Han and H. Woo Lee.
    • Owen Han has 2.8 million followers, and H. Woo Lee has 1.1 million followers.
    • Owen Han and H. Woo Lee made a video series called ‘The Farmers Market Showdown.’
    • For a land theme, they went to a farmers market in Hollywood, Calif., and for a sea theme, they went to one in Venice, Calif.
    • The celebrity chef duo created recipes using avocados and other popular California produce ingredients.
    • From mid-June to July, the videos reached 300,000 views and 220,000 engagements.

Other CAC social media statistics this season:

  • More than 76,700 social engagements, 91,000 link clicks and 353,000 video views on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest
  • 851,000 impressions on Twitter

The above numbers are from the CAC’s own social media accounts, not including engagement created from influencers or other partners. These social media posts by the CAC have primarily revolved around helping consumers find where to buy California avocados, recipe ideas and other in-season messaging.

“Encouraging consumers to find California avocados at our retail and foodservice partners’ locations is a key component CAC’s social outreach,” said DeLyser. “By sharing relevant and engaging content, and then pointing directly to the places where California avocados can be purchased, we support our customers while building consumer brand loyalty.”