VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – In its recent second quarter report, Premium Brands Holdings Inc., announced that it acquired King's Command, a subsidiary of Versailles, Ohio-based American Foods Group LLC, specializing in cooked meats, and Golden Valley Farms, an Ontario-based deli meats manufacturer.

The company said in its investor presentation that the investment in both acquisitions totaled $86.5 million. Premium Brands increased its interest in Golden Valley Farms from 50% to 100%.

“Both of these businesses will play a significant role in supporting our organic growth initiatives as they provide us with much needed capacity solutions in two very exciting growth categories, namely cooked protein and dry cured meats,” said George Paleologou, president and chief executive officer of Premium Brands. 

He added that the acquisition also positions the company to exceed 2023 objectives of $6 billion in sales and $600 million in adjusted EBITDA to achieve a longer-term goal of being one of North America’s leading specialty foods companies.

“In addition, we continue to enjoy a robust pipeline of acquisition opportunities that spans all our platforms and provides us with the ability to further accelerate our growth,” Paleolgou said. 

King’s Command announced a merger agreement with American Foods Group LLC, of Green Bay, Wis., in 2014.

Premium Brands owns various specialty food manufacturing and food distribution businesses in Canada and the US.