FAIRFIELD, N.J. – Freeze-dried fruit company Crispy Green has increased the amount of fruit packaged in each Crispy Fruit single-serve bag by 53% as a part of its “More Munch for Kids’ Lunch” back-to-school campaign. 

Originally sold in six-packs with a smaller amount of product per single-serve bag, the Crispy Fruit packages now come in fuller four-packs. This sustainability effort reduces the overall amount of packaging used in production, and the outer bag is also now recyclable. 

“Over the years, we've received many requests and comments from our customers that they love our product but wish there were a few more bites in each bag,” said Angela Liu, CEO and founder of Crispy Green. “Now there are. This new single-serving bag is a true win-win for consumers and the environment!” 

The company’s consumer research found that 75% of Crispy Fruit shoppers preferred a four-pack over the six-pack.  

To highlight the new packaging as back-to-school shopping amps up this month, Crispy Green is offering retailers a display header card with a QR code for shoppers to scan and enter to win a Crispy Green back-to-school prize pack. 

The company is also currently promoting its blog, SmartLifebites, which provides consumers educational articles on fitness, nutrition, family, travel, minimizing food waste and how to help fight hunger.