Retailers and consumers alike can anticipate an exciting new goat cheese flavor from the Montchevre® brand: Hibiscus Berry. The innovative new flavor caters to consumers sweet and savory cravings, while providing a unique flavor profile to expand food and beverage pairings that are ideal for summer snacking, or accompaniments to larger format dinners and backyard cookouts.

The Montchevre® Brand has seen goat cheese sales continue to increase year over year and the variety of applications are on the rise. Four or five years ago, the brand saw a lot of interest in goat’s milk products from new-to-category consumers, but unfamiliarity with the flavor profiles, pairings and usage applications of goat cheese. Today, there are more U.S. households than ever buying and consuming this soft, tangy cheese for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This increased demand for variety has sparked the Montchevre® brand team to accelerate its innovation pipeline, adding a variety of new trending flavors and formats that the brand is excited to release into the marketplace.

The Montchevre® Hibiscus Berry log has a complex flavor depth that is bright, tart, and sweet, giving notes of sangria in cheese format. The cheese pairs well with a dry prosecco, champagne, or white wine to balance out the sweetness of the cheese and can be served with berries to compliment the sweet and tart notes, or an assortment of nuts to bring out more tangy flavors. Montchevre® is the first goat cheese brand to debut the flavor, solidifying the brand’s leadership in innovation.

But why hibiscus? As Montchevre® notes, we are in the midst of a hibiscus explosion in the culinary world. Floral notes, specifically hibiscus, continue to trend on beverage menus and fine dining with a growth rate over 73% in the last four years. From beverages, like spirits and teas, to desserts, hibiscus is an easy gateway that works well in both savory and sweet beverage and food applications. 

As hibiscus is the flavor of the summer, the brand is thrilled to introduce it in its famous goat cheese log, as the tartness of the flavor really cuts through the tanginess of Montchevre® goat cheese, making it a natural flavor pairing. The color is also visually appealing, as breaks from the norm with its the light pink coloring, drawing consumers attention at the shelf.

Montchevre® Hibiscus Berry Goat Cheese is available in 4oz consumer-friendly sizes, featuring easy-to-peel open packaging, and long shaped format for slicing or crumbling – a shape and size consumers have come to know and expect from the Montchevre® brand. 

As the U.S. goat cheese category leader, the Montchevre® brand is committed to continuously expanding consumption amongst U.S. households and is one of the only brands to invest in driving mass-scale consideration and trial of goat cheese nationwide. The launch of these new items offers the opportunity to attract new consumers eager to try new and trending flavors and formats.


Source: Datassential MenuTrends™ 2021