At the recent International Dairy Deli Bakery Association show in Atlanta, Georgia, 2022 Champions of Change winner Linda Avila and HEB merchandiser Michelle Love share creative and profitable tips for taking your brunch boards "beyond traditional." Effective brunch boards are all about presentation and creativity, according to Avila and Love.

There are so many things you can do with blue cheese now, according to the panelists. And try a little balsamic on top to bring out a slightly different flavor. “Who says it has to be cold," exclaims Avila. Panelists shared data that people want to eat out later in the day and make an experience out of it.

  • Fresh fruit with goat cheese on a baguette? New trends in plating are hot or cold - or both!
  • Incorporate trendy flavors like mango and experiment with different platforms - like a donut.
  • Get exotic with flavor combinations by taking them to the next level. How about a mango habanero cold-packed cheese spread stuffed in fresh raspberries?