Inline Plastics last week unveiled RoundWare, the latest offering in the company's breakthrough Safe-T-Fresh line of patented, tamper-evident products. The single-piece, 4-inch diameter, clamshell design is coupled with Safe-T-Fresh technology.

RoundWafe is manufactured with patented DPET material, which has a smaller carbon footpring than many other products made with rPET, and has the highest clarity to ensure the contents of the container stand out. Compared to two-piece alternatives that require multiple steps, and warehousing multiple base, lid and shrink band SKUs, RoundWare makes it simple — a single-piece containers with only one step to create tamper evidence and tamper resistance.

"We partnered with our customers during the development of this product line in order to create the highest quality product, and ensure that it performed in 'real world' applications." says Carrie Cline, senior product manager. "We found that the eye-catching RoundWare clarity and user friendly design encouraged impulse purchases, as well as stimulating repeat sales".