VALENCIA, CALIF. – This month, Sunkist Growers launched The Official Orange of American Summers campaign with new exclusive packaging and a back-to-school sweepstakes. 

The promotional packaging includes an 8-pound combo bag and a matching summery display bin for Valencia oranges. 

Sunkist_Valencia-Orange_8-pound-Combo-BagImage courtesy of Sunkist


Sunkist_Valencia-Orange_Display-BinImage courtesy of Sunkist


“Healthy eating is still top of mind for consumers,” said Christina Ward, senior director of global marketing at Sunkist. “Forty percent of citrus shoppers are trying to eat healthier and 35% are focused on getting more vitamin C. Sunkist Valencia oranges are high in vitamin C and perfect for juicing.” 

Valencia oranges will be available now through October, along with Marsh Ruby grapefruits. Lemons are also available all year long. 

Sunkist opened its back-to-school sweepstakes July 6, and it will continue to run through Aug. 5. 

“Back-to-school shopping starts as early as July,” Ward said. “We wanted to make the experience bright and fun, just like our citrus. With that said, Sunkist will be hosting a sweepstakes giving eligible citrus fans an opportunity to win a Sunkist Back-to-School prize package valued at $3,000 and perfect for students of all ages.” 

One winner from a random drawing will receive the full prize package featuring a Sunkist-branded backpack, lunchbox, thermos and a variety of other school supplies. The prize also includes a Chromebook and a Visa gift card. 

Sunkist_Back-to-School-BundleImage courtesy of Sunkist


Any U.S. resident aged 18 and older can enter the sweepstakes by completing activities on social media, including submitting a recipe using Sunkist fruits. Each activity completed counts as an additional entry.