Dawn Foods executive pastry chef Melissa Trimmer points out “what’s old is new again.”

“Sugar flowers are back. I remember 20 years ago when gumpaste flowers emerged, and there was the emergence of really beautiful intricate designs. It is really a great way to showcase talents of your cake decorators, and it’s very Instagrammable.”

Cake hoops are an emerging trend on the cake design front, as decorators are integrating plastic or metal hoops (about the size of a hula hoop) into the cake design and putting edible flowers or greens on them.

Unique cake creations are another big trend. At Vegas Bakery, based in Las Vegas, where it opened 10 years ago, bakery lovers come from all around to purchase the amazing authentic desserts, such as mil hojas cake. This elaborate cake is distinguished by its flaky layers inside, which are created with care by the bakers here, who work diligently to provide amazing cakes that are as beautiful as they taste. “People love our authentic flavors that our bakers work hard to create,” points out Luis Trejo, owner of Vegas Bakery.

BakeMark helps bakeries expand their repertoire with shimmery flair and sweet crunch for your cake creations. With a wide variety of vibrant colors in various shades, any baked good will become that much more exciting. You can choose from a wide range of vibrant, lively colors in various shades of red, white, orange, yellow, pink, green, purple, blue, and many more, to make your product eye-catching. Cake creations are incomplete without delicious, colorful toppings and inclusions, especially sprinkles. BakeMark Sprinkles add a shimmery touch and sweet crunch to your cakes and other creations.

Plus, when you are decorating hundreds, if not thousands, of baked goods a day, you need a ready to use solution for your icing. Manufactured with quality ingredients, BakeMark icings will fulfill your needs, whether they call for vanilla buttercreme, cream cheese, or chocolate icing. With the ease of being ready to use, BakeMark understands that bakers need to scoop and frost in a quick-moving industry.

Alejandro Diaz, an owner of Tri Color Bakery, another popular panadería in Las Vegas where it opened in 2004, points out one of their more popular items is a distinctly unique cake, known as the four-in-one, which features the delicious combination of four layers of chocolate cake, flan, cheesecake and tres leches cake. One slice is conveniently packaged in a single clamshell container, making this dessert simple to enjoy.

Chocolate, cherries, strawberries, and much more are secret ingredients to success in your cake business, with all-important summer holidays approaching.

Colorful and delicious toppings can elevate your bakery selections from common cakes to fantastic favorites.

Since COVID-19, comfort food has become more important to consumers. Confectionery can support emotional well-being now, and in the "next normal." Whether consumers are seeking comfort, finding moments to celebrate, or looking for ways to escape the ordinary, chocolate has a role to play in those occasions.

55% of global consumers agree that chocolates with multiple flavors and textures are more premium, according to an industry study.

BakeMark’s hi-ratio cake and creme cake mixes are perfectly consistent and equally delicious. They come in a variety of amazing flavors that will help you celebrate the season, and they are customizable to whatever you or your customers are looking for.

If you’re looking for something more traditional for the summer holidays, the Westco Extra Rich White Cake Mix is a perfect choice for your needs. The Westco Extra Rich Devils Food and Yellow Cake Mixes are also great choices for amazing flavor, as well as Westco Complete Carrot Cake Mix.

What BakeMark brings to your holiday table doesn’t stop there. BakeMark’s Sprinkelina Spring Sprinkle Mix is a fun and easy way to jazz up some simple brownies or blondies in a festive way. Maybe you’re looking for something a little more extravagant and you’d like to make some bird’s nest cupcakes for the holiday – that’s where our cake mixes come into play, then add some Spring Sprinkle Mix to make it even more festive.