SALEM, ORE. — With the $2 million allocated by the Oregon Legislature, the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) chose six meat processors who will receive the Oregon Meat Processing Infrastructure and Capacity Building Grant to expand meat processing capacity of Oregon-raised livestock statewide.

ODA received 44 applications, requesting a total of $14 million. The ODA said the number of applicants indicates the demand for resources.

“The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the serious need for greater resilience in our food systems, especially meat products,” said Alexis Taylor, ODA director. “The small number of existing meat processors in the state have long waitlists, making it difficult for Oregon’s producers to get their product to market. With the support of the Oregon legislature ODA is actively working to create more resilience in the supply chain for Oregon consumers and in turn Oregon meat producers and processors so they can grow and meet local demand.”

Through the grants, ODA estimates the six chosen meat processors will contribute an additional 3 million lbs of local meat to the state of Oregon — 68,500 lbs per week. The grantees represent federal and state inspection programs and a mix of harvested livestock species form across the state.

The grant awardees include:

  • Billy Bob’s Butcher Shop (Elgin) – $ 435,210.93
  • Central Oregon Butcher Boys (Prineville) – $105,598.19
  • Crystal Creek Meats (Roseburg) – $382,707.09
  • Mobile Ranch Butchering (Bandon) – $299,762.84
  • Mountain Valley Meat Service (Parkdale) – $341,510.02
  • The Meating Place (Hillsboro) – $435,210.93

The grant application process was open to meat processing businesses operating under the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspection or those planning to join the newly developed Oregon State Meat Inspection Program, which is expected to come online in July.