LAKE FOREST, ILL. – With the ongoing increase in curbside pickup and delivery sales, restaurant and retail foodservice have found packaging safety to be more important than ever. 

To meet that need, Pactiv Evergreen has launched the Tamper Evident Fry Carton, made with a latch that must be torn in order to open the container. 

The patent-pending design also prevents food from spilling out of the containers during transportation. 

Although the package stays sealed, there is no need to fear soggy French fries. The Tamper Evident Fry Cartons have a cross-ventilation system that keeps the contents inside both hot and crispy. 

The material is also safe to sit under a heat lamp, providing the opportunity for retailers to use these containers in a grab-and-go display.  

"With the snack daypart on the rise, we recognized the need for packaging that provides an excellent off-premise dining experience,” said Erik Hoar, senior director of sales for Pactiv Evergreen’s Foodservice business unit. With our new Fry Cartons, operators can display hot food ready for grab-and-go consumption. The cartons’ unique shape, size, and re-closable lid makes them great for snacking on-the-goServing hot and crispy foods to-go has never been easier.” 

The Tamper Evident Fry Cartons are available in six different colors with custom printing options depending on order size. 

They are made from Pactiv Evergreen’s Sentinel SBS Paperboard, which is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). 

“From paperboard to final package, Pactiv Evergreen brings sustainability into focus throughout every step of the Carton’s production,” said Lynn Dyer, chief sustainability and public affairs officer of Pactiv Evergreen. This fully integrated innovation represents our ability to be a holistic partner through streamlined manufacturing, supply chain and product development. It’s been exciting to see Pactiv Evergreen’s people work together to bring this product to market.”