LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill.  Saputo Dairy USA has launched Vitalitea line of plant-based vegan-certified cheeseswith actress, director and author Laura Prepon as spokesperson. 

While Prepon is known for her roles in “That ‘70s Show” and “Orange Is the New Black,” she is also a cooking enthusiast with her own culinary line called PrepOn Kitchen. She has partnered with Vitalite to help change the stigma around plant-based cheese.

Laura-Prepon-and-Chef-Nikki-with-food-made-with-vitaliteImage courtesy of Vitalite 
“As demand for vegan cheese continues to grow, many consumers have been vocal about how difficult it has been to find a plant-based cheese that lives up to their expectations,” said David Cherrie, Saputo Dairy USA’s vice president, marketing and innovation. “As a dairy company, we are experts at making cheese people love and crave. Where other plant-based cheeses fall short, we saw an opportunity to use our expertise in the cheese category to create a delicious plant-based alternative.” 

Vitalite cheeses have a great melt for cooking, and Prepon is sharing her favorite ways to use the products with her 10 million-plus social media following. 

“I like to live a flexitarian lifestyle and it wouldn’t be possible without the right ingredients. That’s why Vitalite plant-based cheeses have become a staple in our home,” said Prepon. “I’ve also recently found out that my children have sensitivities to dairy, so we use Vitalite plant-based cheese for basics like grilled cheese and quesadillas or sprinkled on tacos, as well as in more in-depth recipes like my black bean and quinoa burgers stuffed with cheddar-style cheese. All of our expectations of yummy, melty cheesy goodness are met.”

Laura-Prepon-holding-grilled-cheeseImage courtesy of Vitalite

 The six Vitalite varieties available are the following:

  • Plant-Based Mozzarella Style Slices 
  • Plant-Based Mozzarella Style Shreds 
  • Plant-Based Cheddar Style Slices 
  • Plant-Based Cheddar Style Shreds 
  • Plant-Based Grated Parmesan Style 
  • Plant-Based Creamy Original Spread

Vitalite products are made without genetically modified ingredients and are vegan- and kosher-certified, gluten-free and except for the Creamy Original Spread, soy-free. Vitalite will roll out to retailers nationwide this year.