The volatility currently facing the food industry is unlike anything experienced in modern times, according to Nextec, a specialist in production management and other technologies. 

That uncertainty is one of the core reasons why enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are so critical. Nextec’s Sage X3 delivers predictability and precision for your food or beverage company.

Sage X3 food ERP delivers benefits across your enterprise, including:

  • Supply Chain Management. Manage inventory and stock levels while automating ordering and restocking. Gain transparency across the supply chain to identify bottlenecks and other issues early on.
  • Cost Reduction. Automate tasks, aggregate data, reduce data re-entry and gain insights from real-time reports, allowing your employees to focus on more productive work.
  • Process Improvement. Gain control and visibility throughout production cycles to provide consistent, quality products.
  • Quality Control. Warehouse management and quality control are integrated seamlessly. Track product lots, expiration dates, quantities recipes and movements in real-time, leading to less waste and reduced costs. In the event of a recall, use forward and backward traceability tools to manage incidents better.
  • Customer Service. Generate quotes, track progress and shipments, answer questions and track customer queries in real-time for better outcomes and retention.