ATLANTA — Out of the better-for-you food trend emerges another type of consumer seeking balance and holistic wellbeing.

Everyone has food cravings, and consumers are not all on one side of “ultra-healthy” or “pure indulgence.”

Only 13% of U.S. households actually fall into the “Fit and Healthy” category, according to 210 Analytics’ Anne-Marie Roerink and IRI’s Jonna Parker in a June 5 session titled “Balancing Act” at the Madison, Wis.-based International Dairy Deli Bakery Association show.

As many as 95% of Americans see a connection between physical and emotional health, they said.

When consumers make an emotional connection with a product, it is often tied to tradition. Roerink and Parker gave the examples of holiday traditions and family values.

Consumers also want a break. The 21% of U.S. households categorized as “Stress Sufferers” are looking for a balance between making healthy choices and convenience, they said.

Their advice for retailers is to “suggest healthy extras and highlight healthy inclusions/favorable ingredients.” They gave the examples of a noodle- or rice-based entrée with the option to add extra veggies on the side and a loaf of bread with the label, “good source of fiber.”

“People are looking to make a choice a little better today than it was yesterday,” Roerink said.