ATLANTA — After two years away, the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association’s annual show returned, and IDDBA officials are thrilled with the result. 

“The last few days have been invigorating for countless reasons,” said Whitney Atkins, IDDBA’s vice president of marketing. “We are excited to announce that, by all early indications, attendance was 79% of our 2019 attendance.”

The show, held June 5-7, included 1,600 exhibitors and 1,200 retailers.

“Every IDDBA has held special moments,” Atkins added. “IDDBA 2022 will forever be one of, if not the most memorable. Our community came together after two of the hardest years many of us have faced. We all face challenges every day, but we will all leave IDDBA 2022 with a greater sense of overcoming them together.”