SHELTON, CONN. – Food packaging specialist Inline’s newest innovation combines tamper-evidence with the ability to keep hot foods hot.

Inline’s new Safe-T-Chef’s line is uniquely designed to add layers of protection while maintaining the temperature of warm and hot foods, according to the company. 

In 2020, Inline began market testing two versions of a tamper-evident container for hot fresh prepared foods. By leveraging the existing tamper-evident/tamper-resistant technology the company pioneered in its Safe-T-Fresh product line, the R&D team challenge became how to incorporate that with a different substrate in order to protect and maintain the temperatures of heated foods, according to Inline. 

Safe-T-Chef is the first polypropylene container with the company’s patented tear-strip technology. Twelve options ranging in shape (rectangular, square and round) and capacity (from 12 to 35 ounce sizes) are available, offering a packaging solution for anything from individual or family-size side dishes, to entrees, or even multi-course meals. 

“Meeting current marketplace needs with best-in-class products is what Inline is known for,” said Tom Orkisz, Inline’s chairman and CEO. “Take out, third-party delivery, and grab-and-go foods continue to increase in popularity, but consumers want the confidence of knowing that throughout all the touchpoints of prepared foods, there is an added layer of security. Safe-T-Chef® now offers that for hot applications.”