TORONTO — Food waste specialist Flashfood has added another retail partner, and in doing so expanding its reach to the West Coast. 

In June Flashfood is embarking on a pilot program with Vallarta, a supermarket chain in 50+ locations in Los Angeles and nearby cities.  

Vallarta joins GIANT Company banner stores, Meijer, Price Rite Marketplace, Tops Friendly Markets, Stop & Shop, Family Fare, Martin’s Markets, HyVee and others who are partnering with Flashfood.

Grocers partner with Flashfood to provide discounts up to 50% on foods nearing their best-by date. With the Flashfood app, consumers find a store, browse deals on fresh items like meat, produce, dairy,  bakery items, snacks and more -  all that are nearing their best-by dates.

Purchases are made directly through the app and customers then simply pick their order at Flashfood Zones located inside their store of choice. 

“Since grocers across the U.S. and Canada have implemented this food waste fighting program, individual stores have diverted a monthly average of 1,000 pounds of food from the trash, while saving shoppers $100 per month on their grocery bill,” according to Flashfood. 

Flashfood has also diverted 40 million pounds of food waste from landfills – preventing approximately  76 million pounds of CO2e from being released into the atmosphere.