CHARLES CITY, IOWA — Pure Prairie Farms Inc., a new player in the chicken industry, has hired several executives as it prepares to begin production in July.

Bob Wolfe has been named chief operating officer; Santosh Venkataramanaapa vice president of food safety, quality, and regulatory processes; and David Stanz director of finance.

"Though a young company, we are committed to acting like a larger, fully integrated chicken producer," said Brian Roelofs, CEO and president for Pure Prairie Farms. "To realize our vision for the future, we knew we had to build a rock-solid foundation, today. That meant bringing the best and brightest aboard now to help get us there from the start.”

Since its purchase of a state-of-the-art processing plant at the end of 2021, Pure Prairie Farms has worked to ensure the operational integrity of each plant area and executed logistical improvements with the purchase of underutilized land surrounding the facility to more easily scale-up to accommodate growth. 

Pure Prairie will ship all-natural, air-chilled and highly trimmed offerings that come from chickens raised under strict animal welfare standards, with no antibiotics ever, and fed a vegetable- and grain-based diet (no animal byproducts), according to the company.