CHICAGO – ADM and Eat Just, Inc., San Francisco, have entered a joint development agreement to accelerate cultivated meat processing. As part of the deal, ADM will work with Eat Just’s Good Meat business unit to optimize the nutrients needed to enable the growth of cultivated meat cells.

ADM and Good Meat also will partner on developing products using Good Meat’s cultivated chicken, according to the companies.

“ADM has long been a pioneer in the alternative protein industry, and our strategic focus right now is on developing innovative new technology and solutions to continue expanding our capabilities to serve the fast-growing global demand for protein-based nutritional needs,” said Leticia Gonçalves, ADM’s president of global foods. “Cultivated meat solutions have an exciting role to play in this space, and we are eager to work together with Good Meat to bring great-tasting, innovative cultivated meat products to the Singapore market and beyond.”

This past December, Good Meat’s cultivated chicken was approved for sale in Singapore by the Singapore Food Agency. The joint development agreement will help Eat Just meet customer demand in Singapore and future markets, according to the company.

This past February, ADM published its 2022 alternative protein outlook report. In the report, the company identified seven trends in the alternative protein category, including bringing cultivated meat products to the mainstream market and moving toward price parity with conventional products.