ORLANDO, FLA. – Bagged salad leader Fresh Express is rolling out a new conservation campaign — and a new salad bowl to go with it — in honor of Earth Day April 22.

Fresh Express is reaching out through all social media venues to bring awareness to the conservation efforts made by growers and farmers, the stewards of the land, to call attention to the importance of recycling and the new recycle symbol now prominently displayed on all Fresh Express packaging and to celebrate Earth Day with a custom chef-developed vegetable and grain salad bowl, according to the company.

Together with Fresh Express farming partners throughout the US and Mexico, the company is proactively supporting implementation efforts to rebuild the soil, conserve water and boost productivity using less land.  Enhanced farming techniques and best practices include no-tillage, crop rotation, soil and water retention, drought resilient seeds and other means to conserve and build the health of the soil eco-system. 

“Fresh Express is developing and leading standards for high-density planting – a technically challenging practice proven to increase yields, reduce growing costs and make more efficient use of land and water,” said John, Olivo, the company’s president. “These growing and irrigation practices have been improved to produce 30 percent more food on the same plot of land with 30 percent reduction of water use.”