OXNARD, CALIF. — A new marketing campaign from Gills Onions highlights all of the details that go into growing great onions. 

The Onionology campaign, created by FoodMix Marketing Communications, covers everything from the soil to Gills’ use of emissions-free electricity. FoodMix took the brand’s current look and feel and recreated it to align with their proud voice and their distinctly superior attributes by using handmade scientific illustrations and a family farm-esque tone, according to Gills.

“We are thrilled with the Onionology campaign that FoodMix painstakingly crafted for the brand,” said Megan Jacobsen, vice president of sales and marketing at Gills Onions. “It not only represents everything that we bring to the table, but it also drives home our key messages in a succinct and powerful way that will resonate with chefs and our buyers.” 

Part of the campaign tells the story that Gills devotes time, money, and energy into researching and growing a product that has a distinctive advantage. Their onions have a higher keep time, less odor, and can be cut with fewer tears, according to the company. They even employ a sustainable symbiotic waste-powered energy solution. When you peel back the layers, Gills simply grows a superior onion.