On the heels of its annual showing at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, Hormel Foods is focused on pizza trends for the coming months. Brand manager Anthony Panichelli, who for years has focused on the company’s industry-leading pizza-toppings portfolio, offers five trends to watch.

Plant-based pizza toppings

The plant-based market is continuing to boom as curious consumers experiment with meat alternatives to add more plant-based protein to their diets. Hormel Foods and its Happy Little Plants pepperoni-style topping offer a way to add the burst of flavor people love and expect from real-meat pepperoni, with a plant-based spin.

Citrus garnishes

According to Panichelli, eyes are on the winning culinary combo S.F.A.H. (salt, fat, acid, heat) right now. Not only does citrus offer a splash of color, think about how a lemon wedge can add a new level of acid and create a delicious flavor profile.

Fried pizza

Known as Montanara style, you'll find the crispy and delectable variation by Larry Bistrot in Naples, Italy; and by Don Antonio in the Big Apple – New York City.

Potato and pizza

Potatoes and pizza are pairing up at places like Pizzeria Lola in Minneapolis and Bonci in Chicago. This new-on-the-scene dynamic duo deserves a try.

Nashville is the place to be

When it comes to US pizza meccas, you can’t help but think of New York City, Chicago and Detroit, and rightly so. But the field is widening, Panichelli predicts.