WESTMINSTER, COLO. — Fifty-two percent of parents alter family recipes to make them healthier, according to a new survey commissioned by Coleman Natural Foods.

Forty-four percent alter recipes to cater to a food allergy or sensitivity or to adhere to dietary restrictions.

“People are much more aware of what is in their food these days, whether it’s because of a dietary restriction, lifestyle choice or a simple desire to feed their families better,'' said Coleman’s Mel Coleman, Jr. “With more than half of parents looking for healthier meals for their families, the increasing availability of clean, natural ingredient products at your local grocery store makes it easier to get what you need to bring a memorable meal to life.” 

The survey also found that 71% of respondents say their family has its own traditional recipes, and 37% know how to make these recipes themselves.

However, some parents are modifying these recipes in ways that keep the associated memories alive yet bring these dishes into the modern age.

When asked to reflect on their own childhoods, 37% remembered their parents or grandparents “always” cooking from scratch, but only 24% of today’s parents said they do the same.

More than four in five (83%) of respondents agreed that traditional recipes require more work than modified ones, and 46% modify them to increase efficiency.

According to 41% of respondents, their favorite reason to continue making these traditional dishes is because of the memories they hold.

To accommodate a crowd, almost two-thirds (63%) of respondents have made two versions of the same dish to accommodate their family’s dietary needs.

“Despite what’s going on around us, if we all get a meaningful meal on the table and gather our family for a short moment during the day, we can feel a small sense of accomplishment and continue to make memories,” Coleman said.