FAIRFIELD, N.J. — Healthy snack specialist Crispy Green will show off existing products and preview some new ones at the upcoming Winter Fancy Food Show Feb. 6-8 in Las Vegas.

Crispy Green’s flagship product line, Crispy Fruit, will be on full display, and the company will share some new surprises with the public for the first time. 

“Without giving too much away, the packaging for this product line is evolving to provide even more value and benefits to consumers and retailers,”according to Crispy Green. “This change will not go into effect until Q2. However, we need to start the conversation to give everyone a heads up on what’s coming.” 

Crispy Green’s commitment to sustainability was a major force behind the packaging evolution. The mission was to reduce the amount of waste at the retail and consumer levels, while also integrating some recyclable materials into the line without sacrificing freshness.

“Since many retailers expect sustainability from the brands they carry to drive revenue, Crispy Green stepped up with a packaging upgrade plan to meet these requirements which are driven by consumers demanding improved sustainability,” said Ryan Youngman, the company’s chief sales officer.

This packaging upgrade, in tandem with other environmental initiatives, donations and community-building activities, aligns with the Crispy Green mission of Using Food As A Force For Good. To reflect the environmental benefits of this change, “Team Green” will be handing out an eco-friendly promotional item at the show that ‘keeps things cool’!  And if that’s not enough to whet your appetite to visit the Crispy Green booth, read on. 

In addition to the Crispy Fruit updates, the company will also be sharing some samples and information regarding its new Piña Picante product line. The official launch for this line will be in the spring.