DALLAS – Avocados From Mexico (AFM), the top-selling avocado brand in the United States, has released the official 30-second teaser for its Super Bowl ad, which features late night TV funnyman and avocado lover Andy Richter.

The teaser features Richter dressed in an ensemble inspired by ancient Roman times, psyching himself up to play the role of a lifetime: Caesar. The full ad will be revealed during the first quarter of the 2022 Super Bowl. 

“When I found out Avocados From Mexico wanted to cast me for the ad, I thought, you have guac to be kidding me, I’m in!” Richter said. “Avocados are always good and when you ‘Addvocados’ to Roman times, plus throw in a legend like Caesar, it’s sure to be a good time.” 

AFM teamed up with Austin, Texas-based agency GSD&M to conceptualize and produce the ad, which will mark the brand’s seventh Super Bowl appearance. 

For the first time, AFM’s Super Bowl presence will kick off the brand campaign that will continue throughout the year. The new creative platform “Addvocados” is inspired by American’s love for avocados and the fruit’s ability to make everyday things even better, according to the group.  

“AFM is intrinsically an innovative brand that has been and always will be pushing boundaries across all marketing territories, whether it’s branding, content creation or data,” said Ivonne Kinser, AFM’s vice president of marketing and innovation. “The ‘Addvocados’ platform is our strongest yet. It’s funny, impactful and designed to drive results and connection in a way that will ensure our brand is impossible to miss during the Big Game and beyond.”