NEW YORK — Gilbert & Bernard Pâté & Specialty Foods has won a Good Food Award in charcuterie for its Wild Mushroom Pâté, less than a year after launching its pâté line for national distribution.

“We are thrilled to win this award in the first year that our pâté line has been on the market,” said Hannah Bae, a company co-founder. “Gilbert & Bernard is big on both flavor and personality, and we’re happy to share these products with the specialty food community.”

The Gilbert & Bernard Pâté line includes 4 flavors, and each item is packaged in individual terrine molds:

 • Pâté de Campagne with Port Wine and Citrus

• Black Truffle Mousse

• Pink Peppercorn Pâté

• Wild Mushroom Pâté

The 6 to 7 ounce products retail for $8.99-$9.99.