TELFORD, PA.  – Premium smoked meat specialist Godshall’s Quality Meats latest product brings a new twist to the bacon category.

Godshall’s Angus Steak Uncured Beef Bacon is now in meat cases at more than 260 Sam’s Clubs stores in 20 states. 

Made with premium cuts of US-raised Angus beef, real wood smoked and seasoned with traditional steak house spices, this entry into the bacon category delivers on taste, versatility and nutrition with 50% less fat than pork bacon, five grams of protein and only 40 calories per slice, with no chemical preservatives, according to Godshall’s.

The product comes in a 24-ounce club package with a retail price of $12.98.  Following the launch at Sam’s Club, it will also be available at retailers in a 10-ounce package.

“The sensory panel testing we did at Louisiana State University with both consumers and food scientists told us our Angus Steak Bacon was craveable and indulgent and had extremely high purchase intent scores,” said Ron Godshall, president of Godshall’s. “Unlike traditional beef bacon made from whole beef navels, Godshall’s new Angus Steak Beef Bacon is chopped and formed allowing us to have consistent control of the fat content and other attributes which make this our product really special.  Having a superior taste profile with half the fat of traditional pork bacon is what makes this product stand out in the bacon category”