WENATCHEE, WASH. — Apple dollar sales are up 7% year over year due to higher prices, but volumes are down 4.3%, according to the latest Fact Facts numbers from Stemilt Growers.

“A shorter national apple crop and food inflation are primary reasons for those increases” in prices, said Brianna Shales, Stemilt’s marketing director. “With these factors in place this season, it’s important that retailers take advantage of apples where there are opportunities to move volume.”

Heading into 2022, retailers should look to five primary apple varieties for opportunities, according to Stemilt: Gala, Granny Smith, Fuji, Pink Lady, and Cosmic Crisp. 

While Gala is the top US apple by volume, it is in tighter supply this year making up for 24.7% of apple volumes during this time period, but tracking 10% down in volume year over year, according to Stemilt. Within the top 5, the focus for multi-variety ads should shift to Granny Smith and Fuji. Pink Lady is enjoying good volume and great quality, and Cosmic Crisp has grown in volume share and will make an impact on the top ten apples this year. 

“Taking a look at apples sales, 60% of apples were sold bulk while the remaining 40% were in packages,” said Shales. “Bag retails have increased 11.9% year over year and bulk retails have increased 4.6%. Apples made up 6% of total produce department sales from Sept. 4 to Nov. 27, and the average price per pound for apples was $1.82, compared to $1.63 the year prior.”