TROMSØ, NORWAY – The latest annual report on the use of antibiotics in Norwegian animal husbandry and food production showcases the Norwegian aquaculture industry’s success in minimizing the use of antibiotics in salmon farming. 

In 2020, only 48 veterinary antibiotic treatment prescriptions were written for Norwegian aquaculture farms, the lowest total ever. 

Due to Norway’s rigorous controls, consumers can have total confidence Norwegian salmon is completely antibiotics free, according to the Norwegian Seafood Council. 

No residues of antibiotics, medicines or illegal substances have ever been found in Norwegian salmon and 99% of Norwegian farmed salmon were producer without any antibiotic treatments, according to annual studies by the Institute of Marine Research in Norway

According to the 2021 IFIC Food and Health Survey, 23% of American consumers regularly make purchases of products labeled “raised without antibiotics.” 

“Norway’s commitment to eliminating antibiotics from salmon farming enables us to supply grocery retailers and foodservice operations with seafood consumers seek and prefer,” noted Anne-Kristine Øen, the council’s US director.